Future human behaviour in the connected city- take aways

Examining how human behaviour and culture influence business has never been more important. In this digital age, syncing a business strategy with rapid societal changes and dynamic human behaviour is a challenge.

Thimon De Jong presenting

Today I had the opportunity to listen to the strategic foresight expert and passionate, interactive speaker Thimon De Jong and his perspective on future change. Here are my take aways.

Long term mindset vs short term hysteria

  • the are 4 drivers why we are focusing on the short term instead of the long term to solve problems: 1. Disruption innovation 2. Decision making- 2 different kind: 1. fast, automatic, frequent, emotional, stereotypic, subconscious. 2. slow, effortful, infrequent, logical, calculating, conscious 3. Career- We need to get bored in order to be able to solve complex problems 4. Trust- New reality is increasing distrust
  • Strategic takeaway / Long term mindset vs Short term mindset
    – balance the short with the long term // Get bored // Reward long term thinking // Make it sexy //

You know me society

  • Society is getting used to the benefits of big data- noe it’s time for companies to embrace the trend. Companies selling to businesses and customers must adopt a more customised approach to their customers in the ”you know me” society.
  • Society is getting used to the benefits of big data and predictive analytics but organisations have been slow to embrace the trend.
  • New Stanford research finds computers are better judges of personality than friends and family.
  • SATMAP (MCKinsey infinity algorithm)- SATMAP’s contact center pairs callers to agents in real time based on personality, resulting in measurably increased revenues, better customer experience and reduced costs.
  • Crystal- analyses public data and takes a digital footprint of a person and gives a personality prediction
  • What if technology could adapt to human emotion?- Emotion AI- What would you build?
  • Strategic take away: // Prepare for the ”we know you” to ”You know me” shift”

Trust transition

  • The world has become too big to know- David Weinberg
  • We used to know how to know. We got our answers from books or experts. But in the internet age, knowledge has moved onto networks. There’s more knowledge than ever and different. Topics have no boundaries, and nobody agrees on anything.
  • formal// institutional (Starbucks, Hilton, Unicef) => informal // personal (local barista, local produces, airbnb)
  • Research: Technology is only making social skills more important
  • Top preference of 200′ job seekers: Appreciation for work
  • strategic take away: //Trust is shifting towards the personal & informal // & happiness = serious business.

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