Spotify soundtracks my week

My favorite playlist (except for the ones I make myself, ofcourse) is Spotifys Discovery weekly (Veckans Tips).

Every Monday the playlist automatically generates a new personalized collection of songs it thinks I’ll want to hear, and I’m pretty impressed with how it finds music I like that I’ve never heard before.

The service combines my personal taste in music with what similar fans are enjoying right now. This means that every song is based both on my own listening as well as what others are listening to around the songs I love. – making my playlist completely unique and just for me.

”It’s like having your best friend make you a personalised mixtape every single week.”

But ofcourse it’s not always perfect and I guess since my husband and I share Spotify account and we have totally different tast of music. He likes country music and I don’t. And on top of that our kids have songs (Right now, mostly songs from Melodifestivalen) added to their own playlists, it can be pretty interesting some weeks but the idea is elegant and I love it!

My Discover Weekly

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