What shall I do with all this data?

I often speak about a future friendly web and I’ve always had a passion for emerging technologies, creative solutions and disruptive innovations. I constantly seek for the outermost boundary towards the future and right now we are on the threshold of the age of wearables.

Wearables and quatified self have been a hot topic for a few years. With the help of apps, gadgets and connected clothing, we measure running routes , sleep quality, nutrition and more.

A couple of years ago I wrote about the begining of computers in new forms, that will redefine our world and how we interact with it.
Since that blog post I’ve tried out a few wearables- Google Glass, Apple Watch and Fit bit.

Arina with Google glassesHowever, the question for me is still- what shall I as a user do with all this data that is collected?

This trend will ofcourse  evolve and instead of just using the data to compare myself with others I guess I will begin to learn from the data, make connections and change behaviors and habits. I will be able to diagnose myself to a greater extent and get better understanding of how I function and feel and why I feel the way I do.
The wearable tech revolution still has a way to go and one possible direction could be educated predictions.

Predictive technology is used for example for Netflix’s movie and TV show recommendations, the Spotify Discover tab and Amazon’s product suggestions, and the driving force behind all of these services is data.

I hope that within the foreseeable future the data simply beeing pushed to me, instead will be used for example by my refrigerater to choose or suggest dishes for me, pick up the goods I need from the suppliler according to my preferences, and then give the instructions to my house robot, wich will organize, cook and serve me the perfect meal.

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