Parallax scrolling done well

Delighting your audience is one of the key factors to make your site more interesting and memorable.

I’m in favor for a holistic mind set when it comes to web design and I think the foundation of a web interface should always prioritize functionality and usability. Nevertheless details matters and can have a huge impact of a user’s overall perception or journey throughout your web site.

There are many ways to create a sense of depth and richness on a web page and one method is Parallax scrolling.
Parallax scrolling and animation is a popular technique that has become mainstream since it first appeared a few years ago.
Nowadays it is overused as a trendy effect but it can be a great tool if it serves the user experience and it is also perfect for storytelling websites.

The marketing site for Campaign Monitor’s mobile app, Monitor captivates animations used to create parallax scrolling in a fabulous way and forms an effect as an educational tool. The tool teaches you how the app works before downloading it.

This is a great example of parallax scrolling done well. Check it out!

Campaign monitor

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