I favor forms without a confirm email field

Almost everyone has gone through this – a registration form that requires you to type an email or password twice.
Historically, this was designed to prevent mistyping errors.
Honestly- have you ever typed your email address twice, or did you just copy and paste the email into the confirmation field? If you are like me, chances are you just copied and pasted your email into the confirmation field kind of making it completely redundant.

The web is crowded with UI solutions that we’ve inherited from the past, but are still applied because “everybody else does it.”
It is time to reconsider all of them- starting with defeating the purpose of the ”confirm email address” field.

Having an input field to confirm an email address is pretty standard but in my opinion, the ”confirm email address” field is just another barrier of entry for your registration.

One way is to remove the confirm email field entirely like Twitter, Mailchimp & ReadMe

There are also ways to reduce the number of input error caused by mistyping and one possibility that I found interesting is displaying people’s input as output elsewhere in the form.

The above example is a pretty nifty solution of the problem. You ask the user to enter their email address. Adjacent to the form field show the email address again with a message, like inline validation that checks the user’s input as progressesing. This alerts the user to any errors and gives the option to change the email address, if the one entered isn’t right, before proceeding.

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