Delightful details makes your site unforgettable

I have always argued in favor for a holistic mindset when it comes to web design. Nevertheless details matter. Small delightful UX details, if done properly, can add delight to a user’s overall perception of a product or journey through a website.

Tiny humanizing details makes the systems friendlier and can create a more human experience and therefore a more significant emotional reaction to the product you are exploring.

I love interior design so there is no coincidence that this great example of a delightful micro action comes from Blom & Blom.

You hover over any of the lighting products and the light illuminates. I think this is a nice touch as you browse the site. It also has an intentional thought behind it- it’s practical, as it allows you to see how the product looks when lit.

This kind of brief piece of functionality makes a site interesting and memorable.

“The details are not the details. They make the product.”
- Charles Eames


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