An Event Apart: It’s a Write/Read (Mobile Web)

In his presentation at An Event Apart in Chicago 2013, Luke Wroblewski (Webbidol) shared som insights about where we need to focus our efforts as we move to a mobile-driven, multi-device internet. Here’s my notes from his talk: It’s a Write/Read (Mobile Web).

Write/Read experiences

  • Top sites in time spent/user sept 2012: Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, Google, You Tube
  • What’s in common: All these services don’t exist if people don’t contribute thing to them.
  • Worldwide by audience: Google, Facebook,  YouTube
  • 78% of monthly US Facebook users on mobile
  • 60% of all twitter users in mobile
  • 40% mobile views on youtube
  • The mobile moment: When the mobile traffic hits the desktop traffic. When mobile users dominate
  • Mobile only line: Bypassing the desktop and laptop traffic
  • Mobile is entertainment
  • Mobile is Anything: shopping, accomplishing, preperation
  • It’s a write/read mobile web: How do we design for mobile creation?

Design for one handed use

  • Test thumb use (Polar): Create a poll
  • Smartphone posture: 3 behaviors
  • 75% use a thumb
  • ”What we need to do is to design is to look at the extremes. he middle will take care of itself.”- Dan Formosa
  • Don’t let the keyboard come up: Unless there is no other way. What can we do?
  • use: 1. Smart Defaults, 2. Suggestions, 3. Locations, 4. Map UI, 5. Date picker, 6/7 Sliders
  • Ergonomics of software design
  • Before the proxy was a mouse cursor
  • The human ergonomics play a big roll in software design

Design for focused flows

  • Simplify flows
  • ”Creativity is people who care enough to keep thinking about something until they find the simplest way to do it.”- Tim Cook
  • It can always be simpler
  • ”Booking hotel happens in 3 taps an a swipe. This is a competitive advantage”- Sam Shank, CEO
  • It take big changes to go small
  • The most requested feature for Yelp is so you can write reviews from mobile: Now you can add a review from mobile

Design for just in time actions

  • Just in time education: ”we learn best in the moment, by demonstration and practice. Interfaces should teach (coach) in context. ”- Josh Clark
  • Apply just in time education to your just in time action. Instead of having them shown all the time. Surfaces actions and tips only when they are needed.

Design for cross device use

  • It’s a write/read multi device web
  • sequential use of device
  • simoultanious use of device
  • access: give people the access regarding any screen
  • create seamless move between devices. Responsive design
  • Flow: Reading across devices.
  • Sequential time: ebay, google, google docs
  • Real time interaction between screens: Racer a chrome experience
  • control: use devices to control other devices
  • 40% of smartphone & tablet owners aware of screen mirroning
  • 7% use screen mirroring to project to their TV’s
  • People got a lot of screens in their lives. We need to get a more collaborative. web & apps (not web vs. app)
  • Form factor: audio? The cross device world is complicated
  • The cross device reality is here!
  • Amazon, Ebay, Google are already jumping into this world

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